Our IGNITE Program started in January of 2019, and since then we have seen major health changes in over 40 of our patients!!! The IGNITE Program is based on a Food Antigen test that shows each individual the state of health of their gut and digestion. Whether you have one or thirty food sensitivities or allergies, the implication is HUGE- Leaky Gut!!! This means that every time you eat certain foods (antigens), your body reacts by forming antibodies to protect us from harm. These can invade the bloodstream, thereby causing a log jam and can do severe damage to our other organs, not to mention the lack of nutrition able to be absorbed. The secondary effect is a damaged immune system, further damaging the body and allowing inflammation to be out of control!!! Do you feel foggy, bloated, having difficulty digesting and absorbing foods, tired all the time, confused, blurry vision, sleep disruption and even hair and skin problems, maybe difficulty losing weight- the list goes on and on. This means that you have poor gut health- the root of our existence and immunity. If you want to get a handle on this and feel better, improve the quality of your life, then the IGNITE Program is for YOU! Our next Program will begin May 4- but we need to know if you are ready to get the gut healthy by April 15th. This allows time to have your blood test completed, results in and your protocol to be established for your success! Dr. Sue will be hands on for 6 weeks, guiding and educating you around gut health and how you can improve your life- NOW!!! The Program is 6 weeks long- including 6 group meetings (local or streamed online), two individual meetings to keep you accountable and confident, and then continued support beyond! Let us know if you are ready to IGNITE Your Health??? Call us today at 828-526-1022 to ask more questions and sign up!!!