Guided group detoxification program:

Here is what our patients had to say about our detoxification program
How the Program Works:

When doing a guided detoxification program it is important to know and understand the parameters of our 30 day detox. First, a guided detox is what I recommend for most people. The length of time allows the body to fully detox and restore its natural ability to function fully.

A preliminary week of preparation, followed by a three week intense detox really gets into the guts of why we are unhealthy. Some of the symptoms that we may suffer with include; fatigue, mental fog, joint pain, inability to sleep, digestive problems, hormonal imbalances, etc.

The detox program is designed to allow the body to address these problems and gently come back to balance and fix the deficits. For some, this may be just the beginning of healing and restoring function. For others, it is a time to rejuvenate and restore energy and clarity in just 30 days. Usually, within the first 30 days, one will lose weight, fat cells will begin to decrease, muscle mass begins to show, blood flow increases, adrenal function normalizes and the body can regain control of its innate abilities to be healthy and heal naturally. With the help of specific nutrients, the process of the detox can make incredible and noticeable differences in your health and lasting function. I highly recommend it at least once per year!

Below please find some of our recent patient testimonials. These are people from all walks of life, some healthy, some not, some just curious!

“I really enjoyed trying new recipes and was blown away that my husband got into it and complied! Very positive experience. Great teaching-thank you! My dry eyes are better. When I wake up in the morning my eyes aren’t stuck together.” CJT
“This is my second detox and by far it’s been the best. Easier with the juice plus and all the information. You’re very methodical and very easy, made everyone comfortable. It really comes across how much you care and believe in the process. I really liked your handouts, made it easy to refer back to when by myself. I also think the food book page was useful. I would like to continue with the detox and not go on to phase 2. I’m sure it will be easy with your guidance.” CM
“The detox experience was wonderful! It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be and was a great tool to establish a healthy lifestyle and change my eating habits/overall health permanently. The food changes have helped my whole family eat better including my husband and children. Once you start eating and living healthy you never want to go back. Im so excited to continue on the journey and regain my health.” TG

“The first week was really hard. I did a lot of making myself do instead of wanting to. After the 5th day on the 6th morning I woke up with so much energy and wanted to do so much. Then I saw a change in my skin especially my face. My joints have not hurt, which by now would have. I have felt so much better just getting on a normal schedule of bowel movements.” WT
“I became aware of all the negative ingredients that are in the food we eat especially processed food. I feel better and am prepared to continue being more thoughtful about what I eat.” MH