Kristin Bowen is a 250-hour certified Hatha yoga instructor seeking to help others who suffer from nervous system disorders, illness, trauma and sports injuries, including knees, spine, neck and shoulders.

“My transformative, gentle yoga class aims at dissolving stress, improving circulation, restoring the nervous system, and rejuvenating and healing the body. Using the breath to release mental and bodily tensions while holding postures for several minutes, this type of Yoga stretches all areas of the body. It is appropriate for all levels seeking to greatly improve movement, circulation, reduce stress and recover from injury or trauma.”

“If you are looking for a more strenuous practice, I offer the traditional Hatha 26+2 Bikram style as well as Core Fusion Yoga that incorporates slow flow and core activating postures.”

Please inquire about pricing and self or group appointments: (​828) 526-1022